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The new Vredestein Quatrac 5 is characterised by the sleek, asymmetrical design of the tread. The summer side, with reduced air ratio, ensures excellent handling and great steering precision on dry and wet road surfacces, while the winter side, with advanced sipe technology, guarantees good grip on cold or snowy surfaces. 3D Grip Claws arranged between the sipes in the middle of the tyre ensure perfect grip in bends and make it possible to accelerate quickly, even on snowy and icy roads.

The innovative Full Silica tread compound mix ensures an even wear pattern and a long lifespan. Thanks to its low rolling resistance, short braking distance on wet surfaces and low rolling noise, the Vredestein Quatrac 5 also scores well on all three aspects of the EU tyre label.



185/65R15 88H

185/60R15 88H XL

185/55R15 82H

195/65R15 91H

195/60R15 88H

195/55R15 95H

205/60R16 96H XL

205/55R16 91H

205/55R16 91V

215/65R16 98H

225/50R17 98V XL

225/45R17 94V XL