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The Comtrac Ice features a durable carcass construction with steel reinforcement strips to ensure complete safety throughout its service life. The combination of the unique tread, an advanced tread compound and special studs minimises braking distances and ensures optimum acceleration on both snow and ice. The Comtrac Ice uses a type of stud with a hard metal pin specially developed for Vredestein. This not only greatly improves the tyres performance, but also reduces the risk of stud loss. The directional tread with its two wide longitudinal grooves provides optimal water disperal


  • Special PCA-free rubber compound
  • Stud core hardness and dimensions match tread wear
  • Perfect combination of sturdy tread and advanced stud positioning on the tyre face
  • Triple flange stud construction


  • Excellent driveability at low temperatures and on snow and ice
  • Optimum grip and stability throughout the long service life
  • Excellent self-cleaning properties, reduced braking distance and good acceleration in winter conditions
  • Reduced risk of stud loss

Size Portfolio

195/70R15 C 104/102 R 
215/70R15 C 109/107 R 
225/70R15 C 112/110 R
205/65R16 C 107/105 R
215/65R16 C 109/107 R 
225/65R16 C 112/110 R
235/65R16 C 115/113 R 

C = Commercial