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The Comtrac Winter has a directional tread which, in combination with two large circumferential grooves, ensures excellent water disperal and prevents aqauplaning. The large number of zigzag sipes in the tread blocks are designed in such a way that the tyre can easily shake off off mud and snow. In addition, this unique tread design with its special compound, provides for a shorter braking distance and improved acceleration in wintry conditions. The sturdy shoulder blocks play a crucial role when cornering, especially with heavier loads, and provide an optimal grip.


  • Directional tread design with zigzag sipes
  • Unique winter tyre tread compound
  • Sturdy shoulder blocks and a steel reinforcement strip in the sidewall of the tyre
  • Wide range of modern sizes available with R and T speed rating


  • Good water dispersal and easily shakes off mud and snow
  • Quiet and very comfortable
  • Shorter braking distance and improved acceleration in wintry conditions
  • Immediate response to steering movements, optimal grip on corners and good overall stability
  • Ideal for modern delivery vans capable of speeds up to max 118mph (190 km/h)

Size Portfolio

195/70R15 C 104 R
205/70R15 C 106 R
215/70R15 C 109 R
225/70R15 C 112 R
205/65R15 C 102 R
205R16 C 110 R
195/75R16 C 107 R
205/75R16 C 110 R
215/75R16 C 113 R
195/65R16 C 104 R
205/65R16 C 107 R
215/65R16 C 109 R
225/65R16 C 112 R
235/65R16 C 115 R
215/60R16 C 108 T
235/60R17 C 117 R

C = Commercial

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