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Vredestein is renowned for the priority it gives to safety, which is illustrated in the Snowtrac 3. The intelligent tread with its innovative, stepped circumferential groove enhances the diagonal grip on wet and snowy surfaces. Tapered diagonal grooves optimise the self-cleaning performance of the tyre. Thanks to the revised tread compound, this tyre's performance in both wet, dry and winter conditions is significantly better than that of its already successful predecessor.


  • Tapered diagonal grooves
  • Groove in groove to separate shoulder blocks
  • Optimum Silica & Polymer Processing (OS&PP) tread compound
  • Round footprint
  • Variable groove depth ensures perfect pressure distribution across the footprint
  • Centre Shift System®; ingenious shifting of the right and left tread parts in relation to the Centre of the tyre


  • Excellent self-cleaning of snow and slush
  • Balanced wear pattern results in consistent performance
  • Excellent winter performance and maximum grip on wet and dry roads
  • Maximum water dispersal
  • Excellent handling
  • Low noise production in compliance with all European regulations

Size Portfolio

145/70R13 71 T
155/70R13 75 T
165/70R13 79 T
165/70R13 83 T XL
175/70R13 82 T
155/65R13 73 T
165/65R13 77 T
175/65R13 80 T
165/70R14 81 T
165/70R14 85 T XL
165/70R14 C 89 T
175/70R14 84 T
175/70R14 88 T XL
175/70R14 C 95 T
185/70R14 88 T
195/70R14 91 T
155/565R14 75 T
165/65R14 79 T
175/65R14 82 T
175/65R14 86 T XL
175/65R14 C 90 T
185/65R14 86 T
195/65R14 89 T
165/60R14 79 T XL
185/60R14 82 T
195/60R14 86 T
185/55R14 80 T
195/70R15 97 T XL
205/70R15 96 T
165/65R15 81 T
175/65R15 84 T
185/65R15 88 T
185/65R15 88 H
195/65R15 91 T
195/65R15 95 T XL
195/65R15 91 H
205/65R15 94 T
205/65R15 99 T XL
205/65R15 94 H
185/60R15 88 T XL
195/60R15 88 T 
195/60R15 88 H
205/60R15 91 T
205/60R15 91 H
175/55R15 77 T
185/55R15 82 H
185/55R15 86 H XL
195/55R15 85 H
195/50R15 82 H
195/60R16 C 99 T
195/60R16 89 H
205/60R16 92 H
205/60R16 96 H XL
195/55R16 87 H
205/55R16 91 T
205/55R16 91 H
205/55R16 94 H XL

XL = Extra Load
RF = Reinforced
C = Commercial


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