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The Wintrac 4 Xtreme was the first high performance SUV winter tyre to carry the signature of a top designer.
Giugiaro's innovative design and sleek lines give the W-shaped tread a powerful appearance. The tyre reflects the latest developments, offering you the very best in design, safety and comfort. The Wintrac 4 Xtreme has excellent on-road properties, but also features a number of important all-terrain characteristsics. For instance, the tread has good self-cleaning properties, resulting  in an excellent performance on wintry and unpaved roads.


  • Design by Giugiaro
  • Excellent self-cleaning properties due to sophisticated W-shaped tread
  • Optimum Silica Processing™ (OSP™) in the tread compound
  • Refined tread compound
  • Rigid sidewall
  • Special belt construction
  • Equal distribution of pressure in the tread with blocks that vary in size


  • Powerful appearance due to aggressive, taut lines
  • Good driving performance on snowy and unpaved roads
  • Good grip on wet roads
  • Outstanding aquaplaning stability
  • Precise steering at high speeds
  • Low noise levels throughout the lifespan of the tyre

Size Portfolio

215/70R16 100 H 
225/70R16 103 H
235/70R16 106 H
245/70R16 107 H
265/70R16 112 H
255/65R16 109 H
235/70R17 111 H XL
225/65R17 102 H 
235/65R17 108 H XL
245/65R17 107 H 
255/65R17 110 H
265/65R17 112 H
215/60R17 96 H
225/60R17 103 H XL
235/60R17 102 H
255/60R17 106 H
225/55R17 97 H
235/55R17 99 H
235/65R18 110 H XL
235/60R18 107 H XL
255/60R18 112 H XL
265/60R18 114 H XL
225/55R18 98 V
235/55R18 100 H
255/55R18 109 V XL 
235/50R18 97 H 
235/55R19 105 V XL
255/55R19 111 V XL 
265/55R19 109 H
255/50R19 107 V XL
255/45R19 104 V XL
275/45R19 108 V XL
285/45R19 111 V XL
255/50R120 109 V XL
275/45R20 110 V XL
275/40R20 106 V XL

XL = Extra Load