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The Wintrac Xtreme was the first winter tyre in Vredestein's range to be designed by the Giugiaro design house. Famous for innovative and succesful designs. 
The Wintrac Xtreme Runflat , with VRFC technology has a stronger sidewall and a weighted bead construction. This ensures that the RunFlat fits tightly around the rim and allows the tyre to continue carrying the vehicle. In case of pressure loss, Vredestein RunFlat tyres will still be able to undertake dricing speeds of up to 50mph (80 km/h). In accordance with the relevant standards, they can be driven for a distance of up to 50 miles (80 kilometres) with maximum load.


  • VRFC - Vredestein Run Flat 
  • Extra reinforcement (insert) on the inside of the tyre and a reinforced bead construction
  • Two rayon carcass layers
  • Bears regular M&S code and Three Peak Snowflake symbol


  • Complies with the ETRTO standards for RunFlat tyres
  • Despite loss of pressure the tyre stays firmly seated on the rim and replaces a temporary spare tyre
  • High carrying capacity, good stability and controlled handling
  • Complies with the requirements for official designation as a winter tyre

Size Portfolio

205/55RF16 91 H
225/50RF17 94 H
205/45RF17 84 V
225/45RF17 91 V

RF = RunFlat