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The brand new Vredestein Snowtrac 5 is a winter tyre that defies even the most extreme and unpredictable weather conditions, whether it be wet, cold , snowy or slippery roads. The starting point in its development was to ensure optimal safety, a superior performance and durability. Thanks to the unique sipe technology which involves more sipes in varying shapes, orientations and profile depth, the tyr offers excellent grip on wet road surfaces, snow and ice. The solid central zone ensures extra stability for improved handling on dry and wet surfaces. The Vredestein Snowtrac 5 features Stealth Deisgn : the longitudinal and lateral grooves in the tread comprise many different surfaces of varying formats which absorb noise, making cars quieter inside and out.



165/70R14 81T

175/65R14 82T

185/65R14 86T

175/65R15 84T

185/65R15 88T

185/60R15 88T XL

185/55R15 82H

195/65R15 91H

195/60R15 88H

195/55R15 85H

195/65R15 91H

195/65R15 91T

195/60R15 88H

195/55R15 85H

195/50R15 82H

195/55R16 87H

195/45R16 84H XL

205/60R16 96H XL

205/55R16 91H

205/55R16 94H XL