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The Wintrac Nextreme SUV is an uncompromising SUV winter tyre which combines safety, design and comfort. The extra wide contour provides good road holding and more stability. The innovative tread has been designed in close collaboration with Giugiaro Design and gives the tyre a unique apperarnce. The Wintrac Nextreme SUV has a double rayon carcass layer and an extra robust belt construction, giving the tyre a greater load-bearing capacity and making it highly suitable for heavier SUV cars. The Wintrac Nextreme SUV ensures excellent performance on both dry and wet roads, and also when driving in winter conditions.



  • Tread design by Giugiaro, in which the tread is integrated into the sidewall design
  • Advanced polymer-to-filler ratio in the tread compound
  • Double rayon carcass layer and an extra robust belt construction
  • Non-directional, asymmetrical tread
  • Sophisticated Sipe Design: Advanced sipe composition


  • Enhanced appearance for sports cars
  • Optimal grip, even below 7ËšC
  • Adequate stability, even at higher temperatures
  • High load-bearing capacity and good stability
  • Safe steering performance on both snowy and frozen roads
  • More traction and grip
  • Excellent handling on bends

Size Profile

275/40R20 106 Y XL
295/40R20 110 Y XL
295/35R21 107 Y XL
295/30R22 103 Y XL

XL = Extra Load

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