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Vredesteins brand new Ultra High Performance winter tyre, the Wintrac Xtreme S, was developed to stand up to the extreme weather conditions in the coldest season of the the year. Maximum safety on snow and ice are as important as grip and steering precision for the Wintrac Xtreme S, especially on the cold snow-free surfaces on which people drive the majority of the time. Thanks to its Intenal Sipe Locking Technology (ISLT), the Wintrac Xtreme S takes the characteristics of a top class winter tyre to a whole new level. The technology minimises deformation of the sipes in the tread, resulting in excelling course stalbility, greater steering precision and an enhanced sense of safety at higer speeds. There are many sizes available with the Y speed index and - combined with the great looks that come from a Giugiaro-designed tyre - this makes the Wintrac Xtreme S suitable for the highest performance and most exclusive cars.



  • Innovative Sipe Technology
  • Internal Sipe Locking Technology (ISLT)
  • Improved rubber compound with an optimal mixing ratio for the tread
  • Two extra wide circumferential grooves
  • Design tread and sidewall by Giugiaro
  • Speed index H , V and Y


  • Straight sipes in the central block for optimal traction and a short braking distance on snow and ice
  • Zigzag sipes in the shoulders for extra grip in bends on slippery surfaces
  • Superior traction and steering precision in all conditions
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Wear resistant
  • Good grip on wet surfaces
  • Excellent drainage, even for for the widest sizes
  • Low noise levels
  • Sporty look with cool and sleek lines
  • Suitable for speeds up to 186mph.

Size Portfolio

215/65R16 98 H
205/55R16 94 V XL
215/60R17 96 H
225/55R17 101 V XL
245/50R18 104 V XL
245/40R18 97 Y XL
235/45R19 99 V XL
235/40R19 96 Y XL
245/40R19 98 Y XL
275/35R19 100 Y XL
245/35R20 95 Y XL
275/30R20 97 Y XL

XL = Extra Load

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