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Frequently Asked Questions

The aim of this page is to answer the most common questions we have from customers, if you have any questions you feel would be of use for other customers then please feel free to contact us.

"My car has got locking wheel nuts on, but I've not got the key, what do I do?"

If your vehicle is fitted with locking wheel nuts and you do not have a key then the best thing to do is bring the vehicle down to us. Depending on the make of the locking wheel nut, you may have a unique code which enables you to get a replacement key from the manufacturer or your vehicle manufacturer may have a 'master key', if none of these work, we have the ability to remove locking wheel nuts and supply you with either a new set of locking wheel nuts or standard wheel nuts.

"What is the minimum legal tread depth in the UK?"

UK Law states that all tyres must have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread across the central 3/4 of the tread around the complete circumference of the tyre. It is also stated that the correct tyre and size of tyre for the vehicle is fitted and it must be suitable for the purpose it is being used.

We recommend that car, van & 4x4 tyres are changed at 3mm. At 1.6mm in wet weather it can take as much as an extra car length (8 metres) to stop at 50mph than at 3mm of tread.

"Do I have to have winter tyres on my car during the winter?"

At present, Winter or Cold Weather Tyres are not required by law in the UK, however, as a tyre expert we strongly recommend fitting cold weather tyres to your vehicle in the winter season. The difference cold weather tyres make is unbelievable , not just in snow as the majority of people assume, but in wet and muddy conditions. When the temperature drops to below 7°C a normal summer or all season tyre stops working as effective as it should and a cold weather tyre starts working.