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Suspected puncture? Could be a 'hole' different story...

14 January 2015

Suspected puncture? Could be a 'hole' different story...

Leicestershire garage warns that a suspected puncture could be a ‘hole’ different story.

Ibstock based Jeff Fowkes Wheels ltd have issued warnings to motorists in conjunction with TyreSafe’s latest advice, following feedback from its retail members country-wide that there has been a significant increase in the number of customers who believe that one of their tyres has a slow puncture. The advice comes on “National pot hole day”, January 15th.

Grace Fowkes, from the family run business, says “We are seeing an increasing number of customers who suspect they have a slow puncture but upon inspection we find the wheel to be cracked and air escaping. It is more vital than ever that motorists check their vehicles tyre pressures on a regular basis with an increasing number of potholes appearing on our roads.”

By checking tyre pressures on a regular basis, drivers will be much more likely to spot any gradual loss of pressure and have this investigated. Jeff Fowkes Wheels ltd recommend tyre pressure checks at least once a month, but weekly pressure checks are advised and any loss of pressure should be investigated by a tyre professional.

"It's essential that your car’s tyres are always properly inflated to the correct levels," explains Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe. "If tyres are run below their recommended pressures, they are much more likely to suffer a rapid failure, and very often this happens after prolonged periods of high speed running, where the consequences can be catastrophic.”

As part of their ongoing Tyre Safety campaign Jeff Fowkes Wheels offer FREE tyre safety checks to all drivers, where they will check tyres for tread depth, condition, age and pressure. They will even re-inflate tyres as part of the free check, saving the hassle of having to find 20p’s at the petrol station!

“It is good practice to have your tyres checked at least once a month. Many people are unaware that illegal and defective tyres can attract a £2,500.00 fine and 3 penalty points each and underinflated tyres will wear at an increased rate and also increase the vehicles fuel consumption.” adds Grace. 

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