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The snow wont stop us!

6 February 2012

Saturday 4th February 2012, 2pm. The first white flakes started to fall, settling on cold dry roads. As the day turned into the night Heathrow airport announced flight delays and cancelations, events were forced to cancel and roads were left un treated. However, over 200 people had wisely had Winter Tyres fitted to their vehicles here at Jeff Fowkes Wheels ltd and were ready for the snow to settle!

Then the emails and tweets started... customers so satisfied with their purchase had taken their own time to contact us to share the experience.

"Waited a long time for a test of my tyres, pleased to report working well, very impressed" - Customer with a BMW - possibly the worst vehicle in the winter weather!

"These tyres are fantastic! I did 75 miles ON snow down the M1 / A42 during Saturday’s snowfall. We passed everything else getting stuck, even 4x4s (not sure how that works – but we did). The S-Max handled brilliantly and the tyre grip and “feel” was just amazing. The traction control kicked in a couple of times, just on the really steep bits and only for a moment each time.Investing in these tyres has been worth every penny. I feel really confident in these tyres now and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks to everyone at Jeff Fowkes Wheels."

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