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Batteries & Battery Testing

Batteries & Battery Testing

We offer a battery 'drop test' service which enables us to ascertain whether your battery is still serviceable or at the end of its life. We can also do a charging system check to make sure that your alternator and associated wiring is also still serviceable.

We can supply batteries for most makes and models of vehicle and we can also supply leisure batteries.

The batteries we supply range from 1 year warranty budget batteries right through to 3 year warranty, 4 year warranty and guaranteed for life batteries.

We keep a small stock of the most common batteries used but are able to get most others within 2 hours where the demand requires.

A battery letting you down on a cold winters morning when you would rather still be in bed can be an infuriating thing, so why not contact us or drop by and let us give your battery and charging system the once over, just to make sure that you’re not going to be the one left out in the cold this winter!

We even offer free fitting service when purchasing a new battery!

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