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At Jeff Fowkes Wheels Ltd in conjunction with the 4 wheel 3D Laser Aligner we also offer a suspension service. This incorporated everything from direct replacement genuine parts and top quality aftermarket replacements, right through to sports suspension and lowering kits from renowned companies such as Eibach and Cobra.

Whether it's a broken coil spring or 50mm lowering springs and shock absorber kits, we feel that we can offer everything you will need, not only to make your vehicle look more aesthetically pleasing, but to also increase the handling capabilities of your car.

Replacing worn or broken components not only makes your vehicle handle as it should, it can possibly give better fuel consumption and better cornering capabilities.

Lowering your suspension will increase cornering ability and road handling whilst giving the driver better overall control of the vehicle. It will improve the look of the vehicle overall and may even increase fuel economy due to the better aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Jeff Fowkes Wheels Ltd will endeavor to repair or replace and components necessary to rectify your car if necessary. Why not drop by and let us inspect your vehicle to make sure it's suspension system is at the peak of fitness, and just think, spending a little to rectify a fault now may save you more in the long term.

So, click here contact us for a competitive quote for your suspension work or drop by and speak to one of our friendly sales team.