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When did you last do it?

At Jeff Fowkes Wheels ltd we heavily support Tyre Safe's Tyre Safety Month Campaign, which is annually in October.
We educate motorists on the dangers associated with defective and illegal tyres, and provide training on how to ensure your tyres are safe and legal. 

We recently took part in the first stage of a nationwide tyre replacement survey with TyreSafe and Highways England. 

Over 800 tyre outlets participated and over 100,000 tyres were surveyed at the point of replacement. 
We categorised tyres into 'safe' over 2mm. 'borderline' 1.6mm-2mm and 'illegal' under 1.6mm and split between car and LCV tyres.

A staggering 27.1% of tyres were already illegal at the point of replacement and 66.1% of tyres were borderline, betweeen 1.6mm and 2mm

From April 2013 - March 2015 there were over 80,000 tyre related incidents reported on Highways England's roads alone. 

As a responsible tyre retailer and a proud TyreSafe member we're acting to reduce these figures. 


The difference between illegal and borderline is just 0.4mm - that's half the thickness of a bank card!

So, come and see us for a FREE tyre safety check. Remember Safe Tyres Save Lives.


We will be offering FREE tyre safety checks at the Parent & Child safety day - St George's retail park, Leicester. 27th November 2015. In partnership with Leicester City Council and the Police.


If you would like more tyre safety information please visit tyresafe's website at , or come and see us for a free tyre safety check.